Hello! My name is Henry!

I am a software engineer living in the greatest city in the world working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to solve their problems with technology.

I've tackled a range of technical problems like high performance UI for monitoring distributed systems at scale, anti money laundering applications for investment banks, and social media campaign planning software for some of the worlds biggest brands

I specialize in React, Vue, and Typescript development along with other associated front end technologies. However, I never shy away from working across the stack to get things done! I love being a part of the vibrant frontend community as we figure out the best practices for designing complex web applications.

With an academic background in Human Computer Interaction and Computer Science, I have a passion for the intersection of design and development.

If you want to chat about working together OR anything else (like street signs that use Comic Sans and Papyrus), feel free to reach out!

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